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Are you passionate about exploring holistic approaches to health and healing? Do you find yourself eager to learn more about the rising trend in alternative medicine and wellness? At Beckfield大学 you could turn your passion into a profession where you could help not only yourself, but also help others as a Massage Therapist?

Beckfield’s Massage Therapy program is designed for students who wish to have a career in the Massage Therapy Field.  在ladbrokes立博中文版的按摩学校, you will learn massage techniques to promote relaxation, 减少疼痛, and address a variety of medical conditions.  Our small class size and hands-on training is what sets our massage school apart from others in the Cincinnati area.

Industry demand for massage therapists is growing faster than the average for all occupations†. If you’re looking for a massage therapy school to break into this in-demand field, choose Beckfield大学’s 医学按摩疗法 Program.


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Employment of Massage Therapist is projected to grow 20% from 2021 to 2031†

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State of Kentucky median salary is $51,980 per year and $47,俄亥俄州140人*


Our 医学按摩疗法 Program run on a 4-quarter (12-month) schedule. Massage Therapy classes are available during the day, so you can begin working in your new career as a massage therapist in as little as one year.

作为一个按摩治疗师, you will use massage techniques to promote relaxation, 减少疼痛, and address a variety of medical conditions in various environments – all with a goal of wellness and healing through massage and bodywork. The Massage Therapy program at Beckfield大学 incorporates both a classroom and clinical education approach. Through combined hands-on practice and massage therapy classes, you will receive a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology, 病理, 神经学, 和人体运动学. You will also learn patient-care practices, 客户服务技巧, 道德, business practices and professional development. The on-site massage clinic gives you access to real-world training so that you are fully prepared for your new career once you graduate.*

You will also receive hands-on techniques in Swedish, 深层组织, and neuromuscular massage therapy techniques. 医学按摩疗法 Graduates are eligible to apply for the national certification examination (MBLEx) as required by the profession.

a是什么? 按摩师?

A Massage Therapist is a licensed professional who treats clients by using touch to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. 按摩师减轻疼痛, 帮助损伤康复, 促进血液循环, 缓解压力, 增加放松, 并有助于整体健康. Massage Therapists work with clients in a variety of settings to help 缓解压力 and pain and achieve holistic wellness using various techniques.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, your methods and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Performing and documenting client intake interviews to understand their health status and concerns, and track treatment progress as their health condition evolves.
  • Using client intake information to assess client conditions and develop safe and effective massage treatment plans.
  • Implementing treatment plans by applying appropriate massage techniques to the soft tissues of the body.
  • Recommending and educating clients on methods for self-care – such as stretches, exercise and hot/cold therapies – to extend the benefits of massage outside of the session.


Our Massage Therapy program prepares students for entry-level employment in a variety of settings, 如:

  • 水疗中心,健身房 & 健康俱乐部
  • 物理治疗中心
  • 私人诊所
  • 医生/脊医诊所


根据美国的最新数据.S. 劳工和统计局, the annual average wage for a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Kentucky is $51,980美元和47美元,俄亥俄州140人.薪水将根据经验而定, 工作地点, and the specific job title and duties being performed.

* National Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics Survey 

†Employment of massage therapist is projected to grow 20 percent from 2021 to 2031, which is much faster than average for all occupations. 增长的原因有很多. (网站访问次数9.15.22) Source: Occupational Employment Statistics Query System with a release date of September 2022.